Dubai Islamic Bank
Dubai Islamic Bank
Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai, UAE

Combining a respect for Islamic values with state-of-the-art banking and design systems, this headquarters is a symbol of the growth of the Dubai Islamic Bank and its honouring of customers and Islamic history both. The complex geometric and cuboid patterns of glass and metal that form the outer, veil-like structure pay homage to traditional Islamic art styles such as the Kaaba, while also protecting the interiors from the sun’s heat. Facilities like a parking structure, training floor, conference rooms and 15 floors of office space allow the DIBHQ to accommodate up to 1,180 staff, with varied workspaces that permit employees to work in either more social, collaborative spaces, or in silent, more individual ones. A prayer room on the 10th floor (dedicated for amenities) is rotated towards the direction of Mecca, and contains comforts for employees such as lounges and exercise rooms.


Dubai International Bank


84,481ft.2 / 25,750m2

31 Storeys

Program Components

Maximized Building Height and Floor Area
Canopy Protected Car Drop Offs
8 Above-Ground Parking Levels
Secure Underground Parking
566 Parking Spaces (10% Visitors)
1 Amenities Floor (Double-Height)
16 Typical Office Floors
1 Mechanical Floor
4 Executive Office Floors
6 Elevators (plus 2 servicing Parking Floors)
Prayer Room
Lounges, Relaxation Areas (Sauna and Water Therapy), Juice Bars, and Exercise Rooms
Nursery With Exterior Play Area
Cafeteria with Lounging Areas
Office Space Houses 1,400 Staff
Typical Office Floor Houses 1,180 Staff
Access to Exterior Throughout Each Floor
2 Floors of Conference Facilities
22 meter High Atrium

Sustainable Features
Mechanical Floor located halfway up building for a more economical and efficient services distribution

Ultra-modern seamless glass enclosure with sliding a lattice screen above the glass roof responds to the sun’s position

Low emission full height glazing

Geometric veil hangs around the glass enclosure to further protect the glazing from solar gain

Roof gardens

Podium parking is effective in dramatically reducing the energy load required to ventilate underground parking