Dubai Promenade Marina and Beach Towers
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Dubai Promenade Marina and Beach Towers
Dubai Promenade Marina and Beach Towers

Dubai, UAE

Located at the entrance to the remarkable Dubai Marina, this exceptional Promenade site epitomizes the progressive development changes that are occurring along Dubai’s waterfront.  In an effort to attract outstanding design talent from around the world, an international design competition was conducted to develop over 350,000 m2 of residential and commercial space.  As one of the invited competitors vying for this design commission, our concept was to create a tapestry of geometrically inspired towers linking marina and beach environments. 

To achieve this, an abstract dune landscape of bridges, canopies, and elevated ribbons of parkland weaves a terrain spanning over a central boulevard and linking the base of each tower.  Springing from the dunes are five residential towers, each with exquisite views of the ocean, the beach and the marina.  Collectively, they engage with their respective landscapes, rising out of the water on the Marina side or set in reflective pools on the Beach side.  The unique design of the towers is distinguishable by the structural skin lattice, composed in an asymmetrical fashion and creating a column-free floor plate to provide total design freedom and setting a high standard for sustainable development.




Marina Towers – 179,000 m2
Beach Towers – 169,000 m2
Commercial/Parking Podium – 196,000 m2
5,800,000 s.f.


Five Residential Towers
Commercial/Retail Base
Waterfront Promenade
Private Beach
Dune Gardens
Parking Podium (6000 cars, 4 levels)

Sustainable Features

Native plantings

Wastewater treatment and efficient plumbing provides 30% reduction in water usage

Solar Shading

High-recycled content material specification

Low VOC materials and finishes


Alternative Transportation Facilities

Brownfield redevelopment


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23 - NIGHTLIFE.jpg