Jack Layton Ferry Terminal
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Jack Layton Ferry Terminal
Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

Toronto, ON, Canada


A design competition run by Waterfront Toronto looked for input to develop a new creative design for the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and Harbor Square Park. ZAS along with five other teams of designers brought forth their plans for fueling the design of the Toronto Island ferry terminal.

ZAS teamed up with Stoss and Narchitects, created a plan to have a foggy gateway from Bay Street along the harbour front called Cloud Park, which creates a dramatic and new representation of the harbour front. Unique components that come with Cloud Park are an art wall, adventure forest, swim plaza, floating hot tubs, floating wetlands and a kayak basin.

These features along with distinctive elements including log benches, canopy lighting, floating lights and fog/mist systems will connect the city and the harbour in a spectacular visual way and will provide new waterfront activities for visitors.         



Waterfront Toronto


2000 acres


Floating Wetland


Hot Tub

Sun Deck

Swim Plaza

Sunning Lawn



Play Area

Performance Space


Jack Layton Sculpture

Seating and Waiting Area

Electronic Ticketing

Ferry Terminal

Water Plaza

Ticket Kiosk

Holding Bosque

Service Building

Service Access

Fish Habitat

Yonge Slip Promenade

Art Walk


Ferry Pavilion
          -Terminal main space

            -Café tenant space

            -Trash room

            -Tenant Storage Room
          -Public Washrooms (Park)

            -Public Washrooms (Terminal)


Ferry Operations Building
          -Security Room


            -Washroom 1

            -Washroom 2
          -Men’s Locker Room
          -Women’s Locker Room
          -Storage/Mechanical Room

Site Elements
          -Ticket Kiosks
          -Glass Fence
          -Reflective Wall
          -Art Walk
          -Federal Area Fence
          -Vehicular Gate

ferry terminal indoors.jpg
Ferry Winter.jpg